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What are some fun ladies’ golf league tournament formats?

December 3, 2016 by egoid  
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Question by Phyllis Duggan: What are some fun ladies’ golf league tournament formats?
I am the tournament chairperson for my golf league. I am looking for some new formats to make our league day fun. I already know the traditional ideas, I am looking for new creative ideas.

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Answer by kegger
Strip golf!!!!

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2 Responses to “What are some fun ladies’ golf league tournament formats?”
  1. GBeck says:

    Here are couple:

    Blind Doubles
    Let’s say there are 4 people playing in a group. Scorecards will be traded so no one is keeping their own score. Individuals can keep their own score for accuracy if they want. At the end of the game, names of all of the players are placed in either a low handicap or high handicap basket and a name is drawn from each. The scores from these 2 players are added together and the team with the lowest would win.

    Lowest Team Score
    Again let’s say there are 4 people in a group. Individual scores are kept and the lowest score of the 4 is taken for each hole. This becomes the team score. The team with the lowest score would win.

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